On Thursday, April 7 at 7 pm, the Wakefield SEPAC is pleased to host a “School Committee Candidate Forum.”

The Candidates Running

Eileen Colleran

Kevin Fontanella

Alexandra Langes Makarewicz

Thomas Markham

Greg Spry

Last night the Wakefield MA SEPAC hosted an opportunity for School Committee Candidates to share their thoughts on special education in Wakefield. Here is the information and logistics of this panel.

Parent Advisory Councils are required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as outlined in the Massachusetts Special Education Law Chapter 71B.

The purpose of the SEPAC is to promote awareness of special education services, to be a source of information and support for families whose children receive special education services in Wakefield, and to work with the district regarding meeting the needs of these students. 23.6% of students in Wakefield have either an IEP or a 504, so the SEPAC has an important role in serving as a resource for and supporting many families.

Just a reminder that our forum is being recorded tonight. Many families have expressed an interest in watching the forum but have other commitments. Our format for tonight is to have the candidates introduce themselves and their platform.


Please keep your introductory comments to 2 minutes. Kris Martone-Levine will be the timekeeper for tonight. In the interest of time, she will give a 30-second warning that time is running out before muting the candidate. After the introductions, we will move on to a series of 3 questions, which will be answered one at a time.


The candidates will have a minute and a half to respond to each question and then again, Kris will give a 30-second warning that time is running out before muting the candidate. We will call on each candidate in alphabetical order.


We thank you all for being here. Let's start off with Eileen Colleran's introduction.

Eileen Colleran

Kevin Fontanella

Alexandra Langes Makarewicz

Tom Markham

Greg Spry


Question #1: Inclusion plays a central component in education and special education. What is your explanation/understanding of inclusion and what do you think Wakefield Public Schools can do to increase inclusive practices?

Question #2: Please cite one specific concern about special education in Wakefield that you are aware of and how you would address it if elected.

Question #3: What do you think the special education priorities should be in the Wakefield Public Schools budget?


Zoom Recording link:


POP in for a POP!

On Friday, April 29, 2022, at 3:30 pm please join the SEPAC and the Special Education Director, Rosie Galvin, at the Dolbeare Elementary School playground. The SEPAC will be providing the popsicles!

This is a family-centered event—everyone is welcome!

Please RSVP to with a headcount for your family—we want to be sure to have enough popsicles.


This is not a drop-off event, please plan accordingly.



The Wakefield SEPAC is committed to lifting up members of our school community that have made a positive impact in the lives of children.

We would like to publicly acknowledge the contributions of special teachers, staff members, and administrators in Wakefield who have made a difference and contribute to the well-being of students in Wakefield.

We are inviting parents and caregivers with children on an IEP or 504 plan to submit a nomination of one special person in our school district who has made a difference to your child or family this year.

Submissions will be accepted from May 1—May 31, 2022. If you have any questions, please email us at

Please complete and submit this form to nominate a special member of our school community


Nominees will be shared and highlighted on the SEPAC Facebook, Twitter, and website, as well as in the Wakefield Daily Item.